Röyksopp & Robyn | 'Monument' (Snippet)

Norwegian’s electronic music duo Röyksopp & Sweden’s very own Robyn have joined forces for their upcoming mini-album, Do It Again, which is out May 26th via Cherrytree/Interscope. Today the two shared a snipper of their new single ‘Monument.’

The first single proper will be ‘Do It Again’ and that’s out on April 28. Look out this summer for Robyn and her longtime collaborators Röyksopp to embark on the “Röyksopp and Robyn Do It Again Tour 2014”. 

#58 Shakira - “Empire”

Brady: I’m not typically a huge Shakira fan, but I guess maybe I’m questioning that now?  I mean, the past couple of tracks she’s put out have been pretty solid.  I dig this chorus!  Props on that vocal effect!  It makes this song different than every other song out there trying to sound like a Shakira song.  Man, that chorus hits hard, huh?  7/10

Karin: Um, what the fuck is this song? It’s like a Tori Amos reject. This is the same person who was just pretending to be a lesbian with Rhianna to be “daring and edgy?”  Then we got some Mumford and Sons “Oooohs. I guess I don’t hate the track, but Shakira is all over the place. I am left more confused than anything. What is happening? At least we got “uni-verse” out of it. 4/10

#75 Future feat. Pharrell, Pusha T, & Casino - “Move That Doh”

Karin: This is straight Karin bait. I love this shit. Gimme some weird beats, and dirty flows, and I am IN! Put a million people on the track, I am even more IN. This goes straight to my workout mix. 8/10

Brady: Ay Future, putting Pusha T on a track is great idea if you want a dope verse.  It’s a bad idea if you want to look like a good rapper.  He makes you look novice.  Putting Pharrell on a track is a great idea if you want a dope song.  And honestly, I thought this was pretty safe, but even his verse makes you look not so hot.  This beat is almost a better rapper than you.  7/10

#76 Lady Gaga - “G.U.Y.”

Brady: Thanks God for Lady Gaga.  If it weren’t for her, who would be doing weird things in pop music at this kind of level of proficiency?  Maybe Kanye?  This song is great.  Aggressive on a Justice or TNGHT level, but just a smoky and sexy as Gaga’s always been. 9/10

Brian: Holy fuck, you made “Applause” your lead single when you had this monster genderfuck lying in wait? I mean, I get that “Do What U Want” can’t be first out the gate if it’s going to include a definite child sexer throwing you over his shoulder like you’re next. But why the fuck not this smash? Clever as shit, catchy as fuck, weird as hell. What we wanted from her this whole time. 9/10

Karin: I don’t like what Lady Gaga does to me. She makes me feel like a hater, and I want to be like, “You do you, Gaga! These music videos are pretty epic, and clearly there was a lot of thought put into it.” But like, the song is so repetitive, and all the imagery seems contrived. And I am always left being like, “Why?” What is important of significant about that? And not that I think pop music needs to be important or significant but it feels like Gaga spends so much time and energy trying to convince all of us of her significance. But like, people call Britney the princess of pop, and she doesn’t even sing. So, I don’t know. 3/10 

#77 The Black Keys - “Fever”

Karin: Wowie, some actual rock n’ roll on the charts! It’s like Christmas morning if Christmas morning was getting to listen to the Black Keys for your pop music review website. Then it would be just like Christmas morning! 7/10 

Brady: The Black Keys are consistent, man.  Most of the time I don’t expect them to blow me away, but I’d be surprised and disappointed if the song didn’t cause my head to at least bob a little bit.  Dig the 70’s psychedelic vibes on this one.  Groovy.  7/10

Brian: I don’t think I’ll ever understand why The Black Keys were the serviceable indie rock band everyone decided to like. Why not Japandroids? Cloud Nothings? Superchunk? Frightened Rabbit? The Hold Steady? Titus Andronicus? Mikal Cronin? Swearin’? And the rest? I mean, the answer is obviously because The Black Keys had the promotional force of a major label behind them, but still, weird group to be popular, when it kind of sounds like a toned down version of the last Arctic Monkeys, which itself sounds like a toned down version of Queens of the Stone Age. I mean, I’m not knocking it (that much), but maybe let’s aim a little higher with our cross-over artists? 6/10

#87 Rixton - “Me and My Broken Heart”

Brian: “Alright guys, Maroon 5 is yesterday’s news. What can we do to pump up this whole paradigm?” “You guys ever seen that movie Benjamin Button?” “Yeah…” “Let’s get the weird baby man and make him lead singer.” “Brilliant! Straight to the middle of the charts!” 3/10

Karin: My name is Rixton, and I am a whiner. This is like where all the whiny emo went, into these folky rocky Maroon 5 sounding songs. Just whine whine whine. Boo hoo. You keep getting conned by a woman in different wigs. I feel like that’s on you bro. 5/10 

Brady: This is a pretty mediocre Maroon 5 song. 4/10

#88 Ellie Goulding - “Beating Heart”

Brady: Ellie needed a new type of sound in her wheelhouse, and she got it.  Love a super slow but steady ballad.  She’s got such a unique voice and aesthetic, it’s about time she showed everyone that she can hold her own with different challenges.  This song is wonderful and beautiful. 8/10

Karin: I like this because it sounds like an Ellie Goulding song. And she sings real real good. Like better than most people. But then when I actually focus my ears on the sound, I do not particularly care for this song. It’s pretty bland. Which is bummertown. But Divergent will probs be cool. Have you seen Hunger Games 2? I liked it but had some issues. Bye bye. 5/10

Brian: If you need proof of evolution, this is it. Ellie Goulding is pretty obviously evolving into Kate Bush before our eyes. Unfortunately it’s on one of those songs from a soundtrack that is obviously for a soundtrack because it’s so bland no one would ever listen to it on its own. I still am having trouble believing that female-centric high-concept dystopian science fiction is now a whole genre of film. 6/10

#69 Calvin Harris - “Summer”

Brady: There’s three kinds of summer jams, in my opinion.  1) Those that are so chilled out, you’ve just got to kick up your feet (bare) on the cooler as you crack open another Corona at 11AM (it’s coffee any time before that) as the world is waking up (late night last night).  2) Those that are so full of life that you have to roll the windows down or raise your glass in a group of friends and belt out every single word.  3) Those that are bluegrass.  This isn’t really any of those.  Came close, Calvin, and while this song is alright, it is far from a summer jam.  5/10

Karin: I don’t know. I can’t tell. This is just like a bunch of noise and then a guy growling at me. I am sure if I wanted to dance or do drugs, or do drugs and dance this would be awesome. It’s like a magic eye of music, you need to be in the right mind set to understand what’s going on. Just let your brain go numb, otherwise it’s just a bunch of fuzz that sounds like every other bunch of fuzz club hit. 3/10

#77 Jennifer Lopez feat. French Montana - “I Luh Ya Papi”

Karin: Ugh, JLo, you win. I’m back wit you. This song is catchy and dumb just like pop songs should be. And the video is tongue and cheek and makes me feel feelings. Mainly, those men’s bodies don’t even look real. Who knew there were so many muscles? Not me that’s for sure. Good on Jenny from the Block. 7/10

Brady: JENN WHAT THE HELL LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIENDS OUT OF THE BUSINESS MEETING!  Take this seriously!  COME ON!  THIS IS YOUR 10TH STUDIO ALBUM AND THIS FIRST VIDEO HAS TO BE GREAT!  Also, what exactly about the zoo says “objectify women?”  Dig what you’re trying to say, but you’re not really making a good argument for it.  Song’s fun and all, but y’ain’t no Beyoncé.  And your record rep knows it.  His face is screaming, “OH MY GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE.” 6/10

#83 Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX - “Fancy”

Brady: I am into everything about this.  Sweet beat.  Dope hook.  Clueless homage.  I am into all of this.  Want to hear this SO LOUD on a crowded dance floor, STAT.  Want to live in California and go to high school with the cast of 90’s teen movies.  I am into all of this. 9/10

Karin: CLUELESS = 1,000,000/10. Also, killer track.

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