#36 Lil Wayne feat. Drake - “Believe Me”

Brady: I know Weezy was big in bringing Drake to the forefront, but he fell off pretty quick, huh?  This sort of feels like Drake is trying to return the favor.  I mean, Lil Wayne has always been a talented rapper, but his novelty sort of faded.  And his whole bread and butter is excessive mixtapes.  This feels like an excessive mixtape track.  This isn’t a finished product.  4/10

#59 Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona - “Bailando”

Brady: The music video shows about 4 different versions of Enrique Iglesias trying to be cool.  I don’t particularly think any one of them is very cool.  I’m sort of into the way the dude singing the husky “Bailando” sounds, though.  That’s cool.  5/10

#62 Joe Nichols - “Yeah”

Brady: So maybe I’m just a little bit more sensitive to misogyny in country music, but I had to start this song over.  It sort of sounded like this guy was saying anything he could, pretty much lying straight to this woman’s face, so he could sleep with her.  But upon further review, I don’t get that feeling.  If you met someone who was being super nice to you, and they went out of their way and brought you a drink that you weren’t super hot on, would you say, “This tastes like garbage.”  I’m willing to bet probably not.  If that same sweet person decided to share a part of themselves in the form of one of their favorite bands, and it wasn’t really your thing, would you say, “This sucks, you have terrible taste”?  Nah, man.  You’d probably be a lot more cordial about it.  Joe Nichols is being polite, and he sounds good doing it.  7/10

#65 Dierks Bentley - “Drunk On A Plane”

Brady: I’ve never gotten drunk on a plane, mostly because who wants to pay those prices for that much alcohol?  I’ve been a little hungover on a plane, because I was on vacation, and you can’t tell me to not have fun on vacation, even if it is my last night and I’ve got an early flight the next morning.  Hey, while we’re here, Drunk on a Plane pro-tip: you can buy those airplane size liquor bottles in liquor stores and put them in your quart-size zip-lock bag.  That’s a legal thing you can do.  Maybe I’ll get drunk on a plane next flight.    Maybe Will Hines will be there. 7/10

#39 Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood - “Somethin’ Bad”

Cory: These two have been doing impressions of each other for years now, so this was inevitable. But the good news is it’s also very fun! Maybe they should just release all their songs together so no one has to stop and figure out which one of them it is every time one of their songs comes on? 7/10

Brady: I could not have been more excited to listen to this song as soon as I saw it on our weekly chart.  Two country powerhouses with a penchant for badassery on one track?  I mean, the song’s called “Somethin’ Bad”!  Everything about it leads me to believe it will be great.  And then a push play, and it is!  I’m into it.  Undeniably fun.  Makes me want to bust out the old Pistol Annies records again (which admittedly I discovered 3 weeks ago).  7/10

#45 Michael Jackson - “Slave to the Rhythym”

Brady: This hologram stuff is a little terrifying, but I’m almost used to it.  How can I know?  I started wondering why we aren’t really taking full advantage of this technology.  Wouldn’t this performance be a lot more entertaining if Michael turned into a mech and started fighting a dragon or something?  We have the power to do that.  Don’t try and tell me we don’t.  We have the power to have live music videos.  Let’s get crazy with it.  The songs is pretty great, but it definitely does sound like an unfinished Michael Jackson sample that a lot of work went into cleaning up.  7/10

Cory: This song is good enough to overcome my hatred for the Worst Thing In Music, that dumb talky part. Why do songs ever include that dumb little talky part? Timbaland, I know this was your doing, you put that dumb talky part into songs all the time. What’s your deal, man? Is that what you think rap is? If so, why do you like rap? 7/10

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